The Kiss Me Creative team opens up about why they do what they do

…and their superpowers


We’re here –doing this work day in and day out– because we care about people getting out of jobs they hate and into businesses that are actually profitable.

It’s that’s simple.

Why branding?

+ Because we’re creative.
+ We’re strategic.
+ We’re fascinated by marketing.
+ And brand design and strategy is how we pull all of that together to help small businesses and solopreneurs build authority—and profits.

Who are we?


Our CEO, brand strategist, and content marketer. She has over a decade of marketing experience across a variety of different industries from technology to fashion; from hospitality to nutrition.

Her superpowers are productivity, follow through, and creativity based on sound logic. She enjoys long sips of coffee and short lines at Starbucks.


Our Art Director and Web developer. As creatively talented as she is tech savvy, Shelley has designed logos, brand guides, websites—and even magazines—for dozens upon dozens of companies.

Her superpowers are WordPress wizardry, perfectly polished Instagram posts, and turning ordinary ideas into beautiful realities. In addition to being the lead on all of Kiss Me Creative’s design projects, Shelley also runs her own business. (Talk about superpowers.)