Thank You



You know you need a brand.

You want to have a brand.

But you’re not entirely sure what that entails, are you?

Don’t worry.

That’s exactly why we created the Brand [work] Book.

This straight-forward workbook is a tool for defining all the moving parts and pieces of your brand without having to make any big investments and without having to dedicate weeks or months to a digital course.

We love a good digital course. The problem, however, is that you can learn all day long, but if you don’t put that knowledge to use, you still won’t have a brand.

Consider this your on-the-job training for building a brand that shows your dream clients what a catch you are.

You do know you’re a catch, right?

Here’s what you’ll work on:

  • Your vision for your biz & brand
  • Your strengths & talents and all the things that make you so attractive
  • What you do (because if you can’t describe it to people, they can’t fall in love with it)
  • Why you do it (because they don’t actually fall in love with what you do, they fall in love with why you do it)
  • The words you use to charm the masses (otherwise known as brand language)
  • Your Story— after all, everyone loves a story
  • Your plan (the one you’re going to need to put this brand out into the world)

That’s not all, though.

We’re big fans of balance. Relationships aren’t all long sips of wine and short lines at Starbucks. There are the practical things like paying bills and washing dishes. Or, in the case of your brand taking a long, hard look at your competition and looking at where your opportunities lie.

It’s the whole package— at least as far as workbooks go. So, go on. Get yourself some.